Dental Insurance Faux Pas

Faux Pas #1– If my insurance doesn’t cover it then my child must not need it.


First, remember that insurance companies are a business and that’s what they do, conduct business.  Insurance companies offer a wide range of plans to employers or individuals, and it is up to those employers or individuals to choose which plan they want to pay for.  Each policy has special exclusions and limitations and that may mean that your specific policy may not pay for Bitewing X-rays 2 times a year.  They may only cover them 1 time per year.

You should not let your insurance policy dictate what you or your child should or should not have done.  You should always rely on a healthcare professional that has had extensive training to diagnose what you or your child need, not a corporation with their bottom line at stake.

If you ever have questions as to what is recommended for your child please go to or ask your provider.


Next week:

Faux Pas #2– My dental insurance should cover everything except my copay – just like my medical



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